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    RY4 done the Indigo Vapor way!  Indulge in this perfect melding of caramel, vanilla and a rich complex tobacco. Pick this up and put down your other RY4's. 

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    1. My favourite e liquid!

      It´s smooth, has a great taste, not too sweet, not overpowering. The best! on

    2. Your RY4 search ends with Indigo!

      I've tried a ton of different companies ry4 juices & Indigo is by far my favorite and all day vape. If I had to compare it's flavor I'd compare it to Crimmy's RY4 but much better. It doesn't have that cheap feel to it that you get with Crimmys. on

    3. Indigo RY

      Im usually not a fan of RY4 because they turn out to be too sweet. This one however is perfectly balanced IMO. Its a great tasting tobacco with just enough sweetness. I first tried it as a free sample and liked it s I bought a 30 ml. on

    4. This is the supreme Ry blend

      Ever since I began vaping, I repeatedly vaped juices which were overwhelming in every way. I found myself enjoying tobaccos more for their more subtle flavors, however, most tobacco juices either don't taste like tobacco, are too sweet, or mixed poorly. Indigo Vapor's Indigo Ry is undoubtedly my favorite tobacco juice I've ever had. Right out of the mailbox it tastes fresh and delicious, which is how it should be. Over time the flavor stays strong; it doesn't stray as I notice other juices do. For this reason I highly recommend this juice, it really is beautifully crafted. on

    5. Simply the Best

      I was fortunate(or unfortunate which ever way you want to look at it) enough to try this RY4 first, before ordering a bunch of crap RY4's. Which led me to ordering a bunch of other(crap) RY4's. Indigo Ry is by far and away my favorite vape not only among RY4's but among any e liquid out that i've tried, and ive tried over a hundred different flavors at this point, if not more. It has a flavor to it that to me just does not get old. No one flavor stands out to me. All the flavors come together and meld very nicely. If I could have only one flavor from now on this would be it. Nuff said.

    6. Really good once you get used to it

      I've had the experience with many vapors that when I first get them I'm slightly turned off but I don't put them down. By the next day its like I couldn't imagine anything better in the whole world. I think that may just be a testimony to the complexity of the flavor. I've tried the Duke and this Ry from Indigo so far and they are both the best vaping experiences I've had yet. I'm usually more of a heavy VG guy but these 50/50 blends are so perfect I'm rethinking that whole thing. I've been vaping through an EVOD and and EVOD II. The taste is so much more present in the dual coil so I highly suggest you pick one up.

    7. Best tobacco flavor yet

      When I first quit analogs, I tried a number of tobacco flavors. I think most people trying to quit do that. Everything sucked. So... I just stopped trying, and just held the line that "I don't do tobacco flavors." Then a friend whose taste I trust told me to try this, so I did. I have to say that this is far and away the best tobacco flavor I've had to date, including many high-end "premium" blends, and I keep a tank filled with it and read to vape. I love the vanilla and creamy notes in it. The sweetness in it is a perfect balance to the earthy tobacco base. New repeat customer. Thanks!

    8. good

      this is a good ry4, pretty sweet caramel/vanilla type flavor.

    9. Bad chemical smell and taste

      I love ry4's and was eager to try this. Out of the bottle there was a strong acetone/chemical taste and smell. Totally unvapeable. Ill give it another chance after a steep but I'm very disappointed after hearing all the rave reviews.

    10. Wow!

      "Newbie here. I got this flavor in a sampler pack and it's my favorite - I think ever! I've tried other flavors (both tobacco and non-tobacco) from other vendors and this hits all the right notes for me: smooth, not too sweet, not too harsh, kinda toasty. It's a nice mix of vanilla, caramel, and tobacco, and not one flavor overpowers either of the others. It's delicious.

      Give it a shot - I hope you're as pleasantly surprised as I was!"

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