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    Indigo's first custard tobacco!  It took us a while to find a safe custard, but now that we have watch out!  This is one smooth tobacco blend vape! 

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    1. Creamy Layers of Tobacco goodness.

      It's a steeper, Fresh out the box, (3mg max vg)
      I get a super creamy, thick, rich toasted custard. Mildly sweet, with an ever so light hint of fresh tobacco leaf on exhale. It's freshly mixed - literally 3 days from mix date on bottle.
      I can tell that there are some layers of flavors just waiting to come out. Hopefully the tobacco will evolve to a more distinct note.

    2. Velvety Smooth Sweetness

      I tried this flavor on a whim in one of my sampler packs. 6mg nicotine, 50/50 PG/VG, left to steep for a few weeks before sampling. It's a nice smooth dessert flavor, interestingly complex, more sweet than savory. It has an initial taste of lightly spiced custard, moderated by a note of sweet tobacco that comes through more strongly at the finish. Very tasty! on

    3. A MUST HAVE

      just try it. on

    4. Not a big sweet fan...BUT

      This is a great liquid! Nice,smooth I will have this on hand along with my fav The Duke! Great for end of the day or all day....I was impressed! on

    5. Wow

      I actually thought i wouldnt taste the custard after reading reviews. I vaped vtc by ripe vapes. Although that juice had a very custardy smell, all I tasted was spice could not discern the tobacco. This juice is what I was looking for. Its similar to ry4 . But its rich smoothness is a custard background instead of a caramel one. Pure deliciousness on

    6. Very Nice!

      I typically don't vape Custard flavors, though this one is very good. I get a rich Custard on inhale, with the tobacco coming through on exhale. The Custard is rich, a mouthful of flavor, though surprisingly not overdone. I get the impression something more is going on, though certainly not cluttered. Upon exhale the tobacco starts to shine through right at the very end, at least for me. I'd describe this as a well balanced vape, bordering on savory almost desert territory. I say almost, because it is so well crafted that I struggle in regards to classifying it either way. It really is a very solid vape that will appeal to anyone who love's Custard or tobacco. If you're considering it, I say order a bottle....I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed. on

    7. Disappointed!

      I was very disappointed in this juice, it is def a quality juice, its just not for me, the tobacco really outweighs and smothers the custard flavor, if your a tobacco lover then this juice is for you, if your a custard lover looking for a custard vape with tobacco undertones this isnt for you, Indigo has great customer service and make quality juices , but not every juice is for everybody, I wouldnt purchase this again on

    8. Indigo does it again!

      After sampleing several of IV's tobacco line I'm now haveing a problem picking out a favorite. Their RY is just unrivaled by any other premium juice out there by a landslide. Which leads me to #42...
      At first I didn't get it?? When I recieved this one in the mail I loaded up a tank and started vapeing immediately. Yes; it tasted like a good quality juice, but I couldn't get any of the elements that Indigo noted that make up this juice. I set this one aside and continued my sampleing. Well...I came back to this one tonight and decided to give #42 another go and OMG am I glad I did!!!!
      After resting for over a week I can tell you this is freakin incredible!! A pleasant but not overpowering (almost creamy) sweetness on the inhale. And then comes that luxurious top notch smooth tobacco familiar to Indigo intertwined with a creamy and rich custard. Nothing overpowers anything and this juice keeps you wanting more. Addictive??? Perhaps! If you love IV's tobacco and enjoy a premium custard vape; grab this one and let her steep for a week or two. You just can't go wrong with #42.

    9. Love it!

      Exellent flavor, Idigo has the best tobacco blends on the market! Perfect blend of tobacco and custard, just the right amount of sweetness! on

    10. You can thank me!

      I was the sole beta tester for this flavor and at first I didn't like it and it sat in my room for 5-6 months. One night, after running out of my adv (and using all new equipment from the previous time) I decided to try it again. Indigo does not make bad juice, so I knew it would at least be decent enough to hold me over. Well, believe me when I tell you, vapes like this don't come along very often. My first inhalation made me say, "Oh shit!" and you guys know what I'm talking about. It was THE perfect vape. I don't even know where to start! The throat hit, like ALL of Indigo's tobacco juices, was perfect and really satisfies that longing for a deep hit of tobacco. The smoothness on the tip of my tongue and then the round sweetness of custard hitting subtle on the inhale, and heavier on the exhale is a taste sensation that is matched by the VOLUMINOUS vapor that follows. If you are a sweet tobacco e-juice lover who is unwilling to sacrifice great tobacco flavor for fake sweetness, or vice versa, if you are frustrated with sweet tobacco juices that have no discernible tobacco, YOU HAVE MET YOUR NEW ADV. Any ejuice company can make a custard tobacco, but after vaping for over 2 years, I am telling you NOBODY does it like Indigo. Their signature high-volume of vapor while maintaining an incredibly satisfying throat hit, along with the familiar tobacco flavor of some of their other greatest hits, merge into my favorite new adv! I was promised I'd get to name this juice, but Tony's #42 is better than anything I could've come up with! I just call this juice "The Seductress" and you'll know why the moment you vape this luscious and SAFE sweet tobacco custard!!! on

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