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    An Indigo RY Tobacco blend different then all others. This is a rich and smooth blend that borders on savory. This is one of Tony's favorites!


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    1. Best ever... of all time.

      My only flavor anymore. Indigo's tobacco line made it relatively easy for me to quit cigarettes.

      Eureka quickly became the favorite, and has made it easy to step down in nicotine, all the way to zero now.

      Stepping down was easy, but zero was difficult. Missing that throat-hit from the nicotine was the hardest part for me. So, I tried a bottle of Icy-Eureka. After the first hit, "Eureka!" was all I could say! Not exactly the same as the throat-hit from nicotine, but this icy-punch to the throat is a fantastic substitute.

      Thanks Indigo, out of 5 starts your products get 9 stars, and the people of Indigo all get 10.

    2. Name says it all

      Indigo vapor is one of the best. I regularly buy a couple of there flavors, including "the stuff", #42, anilog ice, and of course Eureka. Just bought the tobacco sampler with all 18 -in the 5ml - found some new favorites. Awesome stuff. on

    3. Taste like Marlboro light

      Best juice I have found!! Taste the most like a Marlboro light. Would recomend you give it a try on

    4. Eureka

      Clean vape on

    5. Tastes exactly like a BETTER version of Halo Tribeca

      I started vaping using Halo liquid and I liked Tribeca but there was something about it that I didn't like, it was too bitter or something. So I didn't feel it could be something I could vape all day. Eureka tastes exactly like Tribeca but better. I say better because to me it's not bitter like Tribeca. It is a lot more smooth & less overpowering. If you like Tribeca, I really don't see how you wouldn't like Eureka a lot more. Bottom line is Eureka is just a better tasting juice in my opinion. I no longer use Halo juices. I use no other juices anymore at all except Indigo tobaccos. Duke, Eastwood, Express, Eureka, Oorahh are all all day vapes for me. That's 5 juices that are all day vapes & I'm picky as hell. Other companies I may have liked one or two but never 5. Those are the Indigo juices I've tried & I think they are all killer. Not to mention the best customer service by far compared to other companies I've dealt with. I will vape Indigo juices until I die or they go out of business. I hope they never go out of business because it's the best expirience I've had with e juice & I'm not blowing smoke up their asses! It's true on

    6.'s that good!

      Eureka is fighting for my top spot something fierce! I've been through almost every "well known-over hyped" tobacco based liquid you can think of. Around two years ago I fell in love with Indigo's RY, I have exclusively vaped it since the first time I tried it. I tried this on a strong recommendation, and I'm in heaven again. I love this's got to be one of the best liquids anywhere. The balance of Eureka is as close to perfection as one can get. The flavor is simply amazing, vapor production is excellent as well. If you buy this, get the big bottle, on

    7. What can i say?

      Ordered this on the 17th of March, and it arrived in Australia on the 24th of shipping is pretty freakin' amazing!

      The juice is bold in flavor, and does not even compare to any of the stuff i have purchased here. Absolutely love it, will be buying again soon!

    8. The hype is justified.

      I've tried several types of RY4 variations from at least half a dozen vendors and so far this is the only one that has a perfect balance between sweet, nutty and tobacco flavors. None of them overpowers the others. I can see why Tony likes it so much. on

    9. Kicks ass!!

      As I puff on Eureka I can't help but feel as if I've somehow transported to a tobacco field and I'm takeing in a wiff of a fresh batch of tobacco leaves. I kid you not...this juice is that good. Again; Indigo sets the standard for what a premium tobacco vape should be.
      This one is smooth from begining to end. Solid throat hit and amazing quality, mixology and flavor. It has a very mild sweetness that's vivid from the inhale to the exhale. Super rich and smooth notes of fine tobacco just waltzing around with that speck of sweetness...Yup, I can clearly see that if Tony had a choice this would be his adv!!

    10. Eureka! So glad I found you!

      As always, when I ask for a sample of something, Indigo gladly provides. Which is how Ive become a loyal customer for their quality juices and great customer service. When I first tried it, I thought, "Wow"! I cant even describe the taste, but I throw it in my rotation 3 to 4 times a day. I don't like overly sweet juice. This one is well balanced for my likes. on

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