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Gramma's GiddyUp

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    This delicious combination of apple pie, vanilla and other comfort flavors will make your mouth water.  The smell will remind you of Gramma's homemade baking - dig in and enjoy.


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    1. a good mixer

      I like adding something sweet to my coffee flavors. This goes nicely with Capt Coffee. 1 part GG to 2 parts CC. on

    2. Perfect Dessert!

      On its own, it is delicious and really tastes like fresh apple pie. You might think I'm crazy: I mix a small amount of Five Bucks with this juice, and I feel like I'm having a slice of apple pie with a creamy cup of coffee... which is great for my diet ;) on

    3. Like the crispy cross crust of grandma's apple pie...

      Apple pie hasn't really ever been in my family's repertoire, so I'm going here based on instincts. There are things about this I like. A lot. And fewer things I don't like as much. I get a strong caramel taste, supported by a subtle spice savoriness, with just a hind of caramel apple on the back end. It reminds me of crispy pie crust, mixed with some caramel topping. For me, it's more reminiscent of sweet tobacco flavors than a savory dessert, but that in itself was a nice surprise. I've let it steep for 1 week and will give it a little more time to mellow down. If your preference is for dripping, you'll get a little more of the apple flavor than comes through in a tank... the tank seems to mostly reveal the caramel flavors, hiding the apple goodness. on

    4. delic

      the flavor is very smooth and quite deliciousit could use a little bit more Apple flavoring other than that it's delicious definitely vanilla ice cream with grandma's apple pie on

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