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Grape Ape

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     A perfectly balanced blend of Banana and Grape!  Let's all go Grape Ape!

    Icy Finish was formally known as Ice Ape.

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    1. Very tasty!

      I really enjoyed your grape ape juice. It reminds me a lot of grape bubblegum, even though I hear it has banana in it. I would surely recommend and buy again! on

    2. Very tasty.

      If i were guessing i would say it was like a grape bubblegum flavor to me but I love it. ADV. And it was here in less than 72hrs!! on


      It tastes like grape bubblegum - or if you get the icy version like I do - it tastes like grape soda. Very good grape soda. The ice adds a sort of carbonated taste. I got it as a sample and have ordered 3 30ml bottles since. One of my favorite vapes. on

    4. Tasty!

      "This is a very nice combo of grape and banana. Neither one is overpowered but you can clearly taste both. Vapor is great and Taste is great.
      It is a candy sweet vape, reminds me of if you were to eat a banana and grape runt at the same time. Give it a try."

    5. Interesting

      As a vendor and producer of e-liquid, I was handed this flavor in 18mg strength at a Vape Meet. I am impressed with the quality of the liquid and would recommend it.
      The flavors are not your normal mix (Grape and Banana) and usually when a vendor does this the result is horrid.

      BUT, Indigo nailed it with this combination. From one "mad scientist" to another, this is a definite A+ liquid. Great job guys.

    6. Grape Ape

      Niiice! I get a grape candy flavor with banana taffy on the exhale.

      Wonderful combination!
      Great throat hit and vapor production. If you are into fruit and candy flavors, Grape Ape is a solid bet and easy contender for All Day Vape.

    7. LOVE IT

      Grape Ape is amazing...The grape taste just like a grape bubble gum right out of the gum ball machine...
      I can only taste a slight hint of banana which kinda disappointed me but the grape flavor is great so not missing the whole banana flavor.

    8. A flavor I never expected to like, but WOW

      I was lucky enough to get a sample of grape ape, because the description alone would have never been enough.
      Grape and banana?
      Seemed too candyish for me. But I am here to tell you NO! This is not just candy!!
      This is true banana flavor combined with delicate grape flavor.

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