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Indigo RY

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    RY4 done the Indigo Vapor way!  Indulge in this perfect melding of caramel, vanilla and a rich complex tobacco. Pick this up and put down your other RY4's.

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    1. Unique Ry

      I overvaped my last Ry4 from MaddCatt so looked for an alternative to reset my taste buds. Read great reviews on Indigo Ry and they were correct. Has a unique flavor and is balanced really well. Sweet as I like it but can still taste tobacco. It's very tasty. Ordered more of it and will prob be my all day vape until I burn out my taste buds again. on

    2. Excellent Flavor!

      If you are a fan of the RY flavors, this one is absolutely an excellent choice. The blend promotes all the various ingredients very well. For sure an everyday vape. If you have tried other RY4 blends and you didn't like them, then you should give this one a try. High quality! on

    3. Good RY

      I've tried at least 20 RY/ RY4's, this is among my favorite, nice blend with definite tobacco taste on

    4. Definitey one of the best!

      I started out by searching for best RY4. Seen this one and to me it's excellent. Nice blend that transmits all the flavors tastefully. RY4 is my main flavor that I vape and now this one will be my go to on a daily basis! on

    5. Love this flavor

      Indigo RY might be your next all day vape. It has a distinct sweetness on the exhale that makes this juice a delight. Great vapor production for a tobacco flavor too. I was surprised. Try it. You won't be disappointed. on

    6. Wow

      Easily the best RY i've tried by a huge margin. And i got a free 5ml sampler with it. Glass bottles are real classy touch. This is the best juice purchase experience i've ever had, and the flavor is perfectly top-notch. on

    7. Thank you!!

      After spending probably way too much money on Ry4's that were terrible or just "eh", I've finally found one I have no problem ordering again and again! Delicious! on

    8. Awesome

      Eastwood is my all day vape. Indigo RY is also an all day vape. It is beyond good in my opinion. If I was on a desert island and I could only have two juices it would be these two. When I first started vaping I vapes ECblend RY4. Looking back on that it was absolutely nasty. This Indigo RY is like a great steak compared to that ECblend nasty Taco Bell steak. Can't go wrong with this one. A+ on

    9. Absolutely Fantastic!

      I've tried at least Twenty Five RY4 type liquids, and probably a couple dozen variants. In my opinion, none compare to Indigo's RY. This has been an ADV for me since the first time I tried it over two years ago. That's really saying something, considering I used to rotate three or four liquids a day. I was never satisfied, or content until I found Indigo's RY. I consider this to be in a class of it's own, the balance of flavor is outstanding. The tobacco is delicious, and sits perfectly in the mix of caramel and vanilla. The caramel and vanilla are a perfect pairing with each other, not too sweet or dominate of the other, allowing the tobacco to do it's job and balance everything out. I recommend this liquid to everyone, and have never let anyone try it that didn't like it! Do yourself a favor and get the big bottle, you'll be glad you did. on

    10. RY super sauce

      I have to report that the RY from Indigo is super good. Great flavor. I can vape this all day long. My hat is off to the Indigo team for creating a juice that is this flavorful! Thank you!! on

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