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    Two separate and distinct Tobacco blends meld together with surprises to add just the right hint of sweet, yeildinga smooth and delicious vape. It will certainly answer your Tobacco cravings. 


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    1. Works Well with Temp Control

      I have it set at 540 right now, though at cooler temps, say 420, it's also nice. Nickel coil. Pulling slowly produces a lovely flavor and beautiful vapor. Despite being dark this stuff doesn't clog or burn. I add a little tincture of a plain tobacco to the tank sometimes, which is also nice. on

    2. Excellent Quality and taste!!

      The taste has that tobacco flavor that is a must for me. Very smooth and taste great.. on

    3. Excellent quality

      Very nice if you like pipe smoking. on

    4. Phenomenal Flavor

      I discovered Indigo about almost a year ago after performing a Google search for "Best Tobacco Vape Juice", and finding them on a couple of different lists. I initially tried Oohrah, and quickly found an excellent, all day vape for a former heavy smoker. While it isn't a straight tobacco, it doesn't hide that rich tobacco base, but rather uses it as a foundation to build a completely new experience. It inspired me to try more, like Eastwood, Eureka, and a small sample of Tycoon that they kindly sent me. In my opinion, Oohrah and Eastwood are my two favorite juices since I started that search for something to help wean me off of the coffin nails, and Tycoon and Eureka are also going to be added into my mix. Try it. You will not regret it. on

    5. Really great but needs to steep!

      I really did not care for this at first but changed my mind after it steeped a couple weeks! Really nice flavor!! on

    6. Awesome

      Awesome juice, Great service, reply to email and are helpful.
      Just awesome cant say no more.

    7. Not for me but you may love it

      Too sweet for me, since recently quitting smoking I like a full flavored tobacco flavor, thought I would try as it had great reviews but just not my flavor.. on

    8. Smooth Tobacco Flavor

      I really enjoyed The Duke! Recently quit smoking Marlboro lights and want something comparable. Re ordered more right away and will probably order a lot more to have on hand. Pretty sure this will be a standard for me! on

    9. Really hard to put down!

      I LOVE this smooth combination. Seems like the flavor is lasting where many that I've tried kind of lose their flavor after the first couple tugs. on

    10. Great juice

      Great blend of flavors, reminds me of a 555 blend from another vendor, only Oorah! has a bit bolder tobacco taste and all Indigo juices seem to vape better in my modest setup for some reason. Well done! on

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