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The Duke

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     If you’re looking for a strong, bold and flavorful tobacco - The Duke is for you.  This is a tobacco that the Man himself would be proud to vape!


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    1. Smooth tobacco taste

      Great product and will reorder again and again! on

    2. Great for real cig cravings

      This is my go to flavor when I just want real tobacco flavor that isn't sweetened tho it has a slight hint of sweetness like a real tobacco. Also I have been experimenting adding a sweet flavor to this base flavor to mix it up. Blends well with a rum flavor I have! on

    3. great tasting

      Closest taste to a cigarette I found. This helped me to quit smoking after 30+ years of 2 packs a day. Just stopped smoking and started vaping The Duke. on

    4. The Duke

      I've been vaping Indigo for 3 years now. I rotate through just about every tobacco flavor they carry, and The Duke is a frequent purchase, almost a staple now. It is the closest to an actual cigarette that I've found. I've tried MANY different juices over the years from other companies, mostly when I'm traveling and didn't bring enough Indigo with me. Nothing compares to any off the juices from Indigo. If you're on the fence about the Duke, don't be. on

    5. Taste like Marlboro light

      Best I have tried for the closest to a cigarette. on

    6. not the greatest

      to me it has no flavour to it ,I've had better on

    7. Best tobacco flavor I have tried so far.

      I have tried several different tobacco flavors. So far this is the closest that I have come to the real thing. I will reorder. on

    8. The Duke

      This is the only juice my husband and I can both agree on - we LOVE The Duke. It's the closest thing to my Winstons that I can find. I don't miss the cigs at all and even though my hubby was unenthused about moving from cigs to vape both of use gave up the smoking about a year and a half ago - no problem. on

    9. Marlboro alternative...without the DEATH part.

      I smoked Marlboro Lights for 34 years(from age 15) was never able to quit, Indigo vapor's The Duke has enabled me to quit, smooth, like a fresh crisp pack ,just off the production line but much cleaner and a distinct honey sweetness,a bold fresh tobacco flavor, excellent lung and throat hits, but...without the 4000 added chemicals and god knows what else they put in cigarettes . My wife, dog, friends, Life Insurance company, and lungs all thank you for creating a wonderful alternative to analog smoking!!!

      (The Master Vapor Chef of this blend can count on my vote for best damned vapor ever)

    10. The closest thing to a Winston I've found

      If you want a good, smooth vape I highly recommend The Duke. I was a Winston smoker for years but with the help of The Duke I was able to dump the cigarettes with no worries. I go to great lengths to make sure I always have this juice on hand. It's the "go to" of me and my husband both. on

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