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The Duke

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     If you’re looking for a strong, bold and flavorful tobacco - The Duke is for you.  This is a tobacco that the Man himself would be proud to vape!


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    1. Flavor from the past

      I began vaping and smoked my last cigarette on June 15, 2010. Over the next 5 years I must have tried at least 100 different flavors searching for the perfect tobacco flavor. In 2015 I tried The Duke and have continued to vape it exclusively since then. In my experience with cigarettes that began in 1967, the quality and taste of cigarettes declined over the years. In my opinion the best tasting and most satisfying cigarettes I ever smoked were the regular Winston filters made in the late 60's and early 70's. After that, things changed for the worse. Perhaps it was additives, paper quality, or tobacco farming methods. I only know that the flavor was never the same. With The Duke, Indigo has replicated the flavor I had long searched for. on

    2. Test of time

      Two and a half years into my vaping journey and Duke is still a centerpiece of my Tobaccos. Solid, reliable and delicious. Enjoy. on

    3. My ADV

      Indigo is the shit. Duke is the shit and so is Eastwood. If it was 20$ more for a 120ml I would still buy on

    4. Smooth tobacco taste

      Great product and will reorder again and again! on

    5. Great for real cig cravings

      This is my go to flavor when I just want real tobacco flavor that isn't sweetened tho it has a slight hint of sweetness like a real tobacco. Also I have been experimenting adding a sweet flavor to this base flavor to mix it up. Blends well with a rum flavor I have! on

    6. great tasting

      Closest taste to a cigarette I found. This helped me to quit smoking after 30+ years of 2 packs a day. Just stopped smoking and started vaping The Duke. on

    7. The Duke

      I've been vaping Indigo for 3 years now. I rotate through just about every tobacco flavor they carry, and The Duke is a frequent purchase, almost a staple now. It is the closest to an actual cigarette that I've found. I've tried MANY different juices over the years from other companies, mostly when I'm traveling and didn't bring enough Indigo with me. Nothing compares to any off the juices from Indigo. If you're on the fence about the Duke, don't be. on

    8. Taste like Marlboro light

      Best I have tried for the closest to a cigarette. on

    9. not the greatest

      to me it has no flavour to it ,I've had better on

    10. Best tobacco flavor I have tried so far.

      I have tried several different tobacco flavors. So far this is the closest that I have come to the real thing. I will reorder. on

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