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The Turk

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     Indigo Vapor’s first foray into the world of Turkish Tobaccos.  A fine Turkish based Tobacco blended with additional elements to create one of our most refined flavors yet. 


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    1. My fave

      new vaper here. Tried about 20 different juices from a few different companies. I'm an ex-smoker, and look for juices that come as close to smoking cigarettes as possible. The Turk is, by far, my favorite. It seems to remind me of smoking Colts, which, if you are unfamiliar, are cheapo cigarillos with wine flavored tips. If it says anything, over the course of time my orders of the Turk have involved larger and larger volumes. on

    2. Straight Out of the Box

      Just started vaping after smoking Camel unfiltered for over a decade. Have been trying to find a good Turkish tobacco flavor. Out of the box, this tastes the way a fresh pack of Camels smells, slightly sweet with just a touch of spice.

      I still have 7 others to try and already know I'll be re-ordering this one.

    3. Excellent!

      Best tobacco eliquid around, and I've tried a lot.
      A definite adv.

    4. wow

      this is my favorite on

    5. excellent

      this is the flavor that got me off cigarettes. nice caramel and vanilla. This is my go to flavor. thanks indigo on

    6. The turk - Wheres the turkish tobacco?

      I was excited to try this liquid since I LOVE Turkish tobacco liquids and the real thing.

      I get a super mild "Turkish" flavor muddled into a generic tobacco flavoring. I was pretty disappointed since other Turkish tobacco flavors have had much more depth and floral / spicy notes.

      This isn't bad by any means, but it tastes like a light camel cigarette with some graham cracker and slight sweetener.

      If you're looking for a true Turkish experience I would say there are better options. If you're just looking for a balanced tobacco with a Turkish inspiration then its worth a shot.

    7. A Masterpiece

      This is one fantastic juice! Very smooth, rich, complex tobacco flavor. Could become an ADV for me. on

    8. Quality flavor, a little too cigar for my taste

      Indigo Vapors are very flavorful! This one is a high quality flavor and I will use it occasionally, but it is a touch too cigar for my taste. I generally do prefer tobacco flavors and this one is nutty and sweet with some spice to it. on

    9. awesome!

      So beautiful complex and sophisticated. Another beautiful composition...bravo Tony!!

    10. E-juice staple

      I've used Indigo for about 10 months now, and am not disappointed by any of their juice, although there are some that stand out above the rest. This is the Turk. For me, this is the closest thing to actual tobacco that curbs the cigarette craving. It has helped both my wife and I remain "smoke free" for about 6 months now. It has just enough bite to it with a dad bit of sweetness to satisfy. Have tried in various nic. levels all the way to 0 nic, and it's still great. After going through 510ml's of the stuff since Feb 2014, we keep coming back. Thanks Indigo for wonderful juice, great service, and extremely fast shipping. Average time to an AFB in Korea is 5 days, even with "free shipping".

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