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The Turk

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     Indigo Vapor’s first foray into the world of Turkish Tobaccos.  A fine Turkish based Tobacco blended with additional elements to create one of our most refined flavors yet. 


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    1. Awesome Flavor

      Camel has always been my cig of choice. Spent a long time and went through a lot of products trying to find that flavor. Gearbest had a camel flavor that was pretty good but for whatever reason they discontinued it. Also had to wait a month and a half to receive it from China. Read some reviews on the Turk and thought what the hell I'll give it a try. This is by far the best tasting for a camel smoker. Would highly recommend this product. on

    2. More Information Needed

      I smoke Cigars on a regular basis for the last 18 years and I have e been using Vapors for the last 8 years on 0 Nicotine. Now I like having Information about my Cigars and my Vaporizer Juice, when you look at the sweet flavors you know what your getting. Now I ha e used Chocolate/Mint, Butterscotch, gummie bears, FuzzyNavel now I tend to try to find a Tobacco Style, RY4, The Duke, I was told the flavors I would taste in the Duke, Smoky, Oak, a bit of Honey.

      After reading the Tobacco Style Flavors I was not really sure what flavor some where.

      When I read about The Turk I found it to be intriguing, and figured I would try it, i found the taste refreshing and not overpowering in taste, great on inhaling and smooth on exhale, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in a change of scenery.

      Thank you
      Master Keegan

    3. good flavor

      Has good flavor for a tabocco on

    4. get yourself to the Turk

      Finally a decent tobacco juice

    5. Best juices I've tried

      One of the best tobacco flavors I've had. All their flavors are unique in taste & make for a great vape. on

    6. My fave

      new vaper here. Tried about 20 different juices from a few different companies. I'm an ex-smoker, and look for juices that come as close to smoking cigarettes as possible. The Turk is, by far, my favorite. It seems to remind me of smoking Colts, which, if you are unfamiliar, are cheapo cigarillos with wine flavored tips. If it says anything, over the course of time my orders of the Turk have involved larger and larger volumes. on

    7. Straight Out of the Box

      Just started vaping after smoking Camel unfiltered for over a decade. Have been trying to find a good Turkish tobacco flavor. Out of the box, this tastes the way a fresh pack of Camels smells, slightly sweet with just a touch of spice.

      I still have 7 others to try and already know I'll be re-ordering this one.

    8. Excellent!

      Best tobacco eliquid around, and I've tried a lot.
      A definite adv.

    9. wow

      this is my favorite on

    10. excellent

      this is the flavor that got me off cigarettes. nice caramel and vanilla. This is my go to flavor. thanks indigo on

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